Let Family Take You Home

We believe that we can provide the best care where you're most comfortable by bringing our comprehensive care team to you, in your home.

We proudly serve Northeast and Central Georgia.

When you choose hospice, you are choosing to preserve dignity and enhance the quality of life for those battling a terminal illness.

Family Hospice works closely with patients and their families to provide compassionate end-of-life services within the comfort of their own homes.

Our mission is to deliver personalized care that respects the wishes of our patients and aligns with their morals while assisting in education and guidance for loved ones around them during the ending stages of life.

We proudly serve Northeast and Central Georgia. Our community-based hospice welcomes you with open arms as a family member and stands by to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Why Choose Us

Family Hospice is a locally owned and operated provider of the highest quality Hospice service available. We feel our local roots give us an advantage because our focus is always here, in the community where our families live. We don’t need corporate approval to fix a service issue or handle a special request, as our decisions are made locally, with our community and your family in mind.

When your loved one needs Hospice, let Family take you home.

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We Honor Veterans

We are a proud partner of We Honor Veterans. Our goal is to provide our volunteers and staff members with Veteran-centric education and resources.


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I can’t say enough positive things about The Family Hospice team who cared for my mother in her final weeks of life. It was an emotional time for me as the caregiver and a stressful time for mom with relocation and transition into an assisted living facility. They ensured that my mom got all of the proper medical equipment she needed to be as comfortable as possible. The Family Hospice team genuinely, tenderly, and efficiently met my mother’s medical and spiritual needs and reduced much of her pain and suffering with such professionalism and humanity. Her quality of life was dignified up until her last day on this earth in large part due to hospice’s compassionate care. Thank you for treating us like “family”.

Hayley Hendley Taylor

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We cannot thank you enough for your support and care during our parent’s illnesses and homegoing’s. Your staff members are superheroes!

The family of Mr. and Mrs. S

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When it became apparent that my Mom needed hospice care I was determined to find the best. I began asking around in our community including friends, family, and medical providers which hospice they would recommend for their loved ones. Time and time again I kept hearing the name Family Hospice so finally I decided I would reach out to a Family Hospice representative and find out for myself. From my very 1st encounter with a Family Hospice team member, I discovered that hospice care is about living – not dying…this was something I hadn’t expected to hear but the realization that hospice is about living and not dying was music to my ears. I took the steps to get my Mom signed up for hospice services with Family Hospice and now I can say that I believe it was perhaps the best decision I have ever made. Family Hospice took excellent care of my Mom and by doing so it allowed her the opportunity to continue living life to the fullest extent possible. I would recommend Family Hospice to anyone and take great pleasure in doing so.

M.P., Family Member