Let Family Take Care of You

The end stages of life can be one of the most complex and difficult times for those battling a chronic or life-limiting illness. Family Hospice is here to provide in-home hospice care, comfort, and support to make the transition better for all involved. When your loved one needs hospice care, let our family take care of you and yours.

Comprehensive Services

In-home Hospice Care

With in-home hospice care at Family Hospice, patients can remain in their own homes, meaning that care is provided wherever the patient lives. We can provide care in a home, a nursing home, or assisted living facility.

24 Hour, 7 Days A Week Availability

At Family Hospice, when we say around-the-clock care, we mean it. Any time day or night that those in our care need assistance, we are there to provide it.

Clinical Services

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse is a person who has graduated from a college-level nursing program or a school of nursing and has passed their national licensing exam. At Family Hospice, your RN is typically the first person you will meet on the hospice team. The RN will provide ongoing physical assessments and communicate with your loved one’s physician.

Hospice Medical Director

The Hospice Medical Director specializes in the unique challenges surrounding end-of-life care. They work to make sure everyone involved is aware of and understands the care plan that is in place. Additionally, hospice medical directors are responsible for easing physical symptoms and managing terminal illnesses and any conditions related to the illness. If your primary physician is not available, then the hospice physician is there to meet your medical needs.

Certified Nurses Aides (CNA)

The Family Hospice certified aide is often the team member visit most looked forward to by the patient. They assist with day-to-day activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, and providing companionship and activities that bring joy and comfort. Most importantly, they teach families how to provide care, and they help patients maintain their dignity.

Medical Equipment

At Family Hospice, we can source and supply all the medical equipment you or your loved one may need while under our care. From oxygen equipment or Bi-pap/C-pap needs to ambulatory equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and special needs beds.


The goal of symptom management using pharmacological interventions at Family Hospice is to control symptoms that arise during end-of-life events or as a result of terminal illness while avoiding adverse side effects.

Bereavement & Spiritual Services

At Family Hospice, we believe in taking the taboo out of dying. We understand that support is necessary to one’s healthy grief journey, and we are not afraid of having end-of-life conversations. Whether through our social service workers, group counseling, or one-on-one with our chaplains, we help you find inspiration, hope, and validation as you grieve.

Social Work Services

The Hospice Social Worker advocates for your end-of-life wishes and assists you and your family in dealing with the difficult emotions related to you or your loved one’s illness. Additionally, social workers help you identify community resources that may be available, like private care agencies, government resources, and additional counseling services. They can assist with funeral planning and nursing home placement, if needed.


Family Hospice non-denominational chaplains base their care on a high respect for your loved one's faith and belief and are trained as thoughtful listeners. A hospice chaplain's goal is to be there to listen and provide hope in what can be the most uncertain times of people's lives. Chaplains are available to assist you and your family with the spiritual concerns that often arise during a terminal illness. Services often include regular therapeutic visits, one-on-one counseling, guidance in arranging funerals and sometimes even wedding services.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are a vital part of the team at Family Hospice, providing comfort, compassion, and a warm presence during a vulnerable and often lonely time. They are well-trained and carefully selected to work alongside our professional staff. Additionally, volunteers provide companionship and respite to you and your loved ones. For example, if you’re caring for someone receiving hospice and need a temporary break from those duties to run errands, take care of your own medical and emotional needs, or to care for a child, a volunteer can sit with your loved one to make sure they’re not alone. Some volunteers are available to provide pet therapy when requested. To learn more about our volunteer services, view our Volunteers Page

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